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If you are suffering from psychological problems, such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks, obsession, compulsion, stress, low self-esteem, self-harm, bereavement, loss, trauma, a psychotic illness, bipolar disorder or any other mental disorder, you should seek professional advice and support.

Dr Paul Oppedijk may be able to help.

This website outlines what you should do when you need a diagnosis and a treatment plan for a wide range of psychiatric and psychological problems.

Ask your GP or healthcare professional for a referral or contact Dr Oppedijk directly to set up an appointment.

We offer a completely confidential service in a private setting.

"Psychoanalytic psychotherapy can provide positive benefits for a patient's mental and physical condition, to their sense of well-being and to the ability to manage their lives more effectively."

Dr Paul Oppedijk

Dr Paul Oppedijk, M.D. Consultant Psychiatrist & Psychotherapist

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